The partnership consists of UK (Women in Sport), Sweden (Girls in Sport), Greece (European Institute for Local Development), Romania (West University of Timisoara) and Malta (Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion-FOPSIM).


Women in Sport, United Kingdom

Women in Sport is the leading women's sports charity in the UK. Their vision is a society where gender equality exists in every sphere. Women in Sport are advancing gender equality through and within sport and transforming the sport sector.

Their mission is for every woman and girl in the uk to plays sport or be physically active, from early years and throughout her life, and for women and men to have equal opportunities in sport, from the field of play to the boardroom.

The charity uses their unique understanding of women's lives to drive positive change and remove barriers, whilst challenging stereotyping and sexism at every level of sport.




European Institute for Local Development, Greece

European Institute for Local Development was founded in 2009 as an independent non-governmental organization. Its mission is to promote experience sharing among its members and partners for sustaining international cooperation, skillful networking and further progress and growth. It participates and leads global actions and initiatives that contribute to regional development across the globe. It, also, contributes to the integration of the entire regions in a more balanced way through economic, social and environmentally beneficial initiatives.




West University of Timisoara, Romania

Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara (UVT) / West University of Timişoara (WUT) is the main higher education institution and research centre in Western Romania. Its community comprises roughly 16,000 students and over 700 academic staff. It is a comprehensive university in character and includes 11 faculties with their respective departments, as well as a Department of Teacher Training. The faculties functioning within the framework of UVT offer nationally accredited study programmes at Bachelor, Masters and PhD level in the following subject areas: Arts and Design, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics and Business Administration, Law, Letters, History and Theology, Mathematics and Computer Science, Music and Theater, Physical Education and Sports, Physics, Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences, Sociology and Psychology. West University of Timisoara offers students the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge, in a multi and inter-disciplinary environment, preparing them to enter a globalised labour market.




Girls in Sport is a foundation that was set up in 2015 and is growing rapidly. The focus of Girls in Sport is to work locally, nationally and with international partners to change the structure and prerequisites of sport. Gender equality is achievable through collaboration, innovation and practical tools. The foundation promotes the ideas that sports should be available and accessible for women throughout life, including practice as well as leadership.

In this context Girls in Sport strives to promote gender equal sports media by highlighting best practices in regional and national sports media. Best practices will be contrasted by quantitative studies, highlighting the progress and pitfalls in national sports media also with the possibility of cross country comparisons with our collaborative partners.




FOPSIM is a Maltese foundation that aims to achieve concrete progress for marginalized groups or sections within Maltese society in the following areas:

• Employment

• Social protection and inclusion

• Working conditions

• Anti-discrimination

• Diversity and gender equality

• Youth

• Elderly

In this context, FOPSIM’s main mission is to promote and sustain employment, social solidarity, youth and other marginalized issues to achieve tangible advancement in the transition towards a more equitable society. The Foundation makes use of a wide network of resources in the professional, academic, research and journalism fields.



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